Bathroom Furniture Competition - Furniture Modular design cambio2

Photoshop swirls 1

Villa 49

Medusa Face 3

Structure, Tolopogical research

Topological Research Sculpture 04


Mauer Denkmel Berlin -Structure 04

Moebius 4th level transformation sculpture 2

Sculpture 05 - Topological research

Fryrender Calvin Degree Light color test

Moebius 4th level transformation sculpture

Fryrender - another Beta test

Balcony FryRender test

Another sculpture yet again..

Sculpture 06

Round Island kitchen for the schimko Family

Fetzer Vineyards wine cabinet design

Europan 8 Proposal - closeup

Version 1 of proposal

Video Clip @ Carmela pub - some frames from the clip

Monza restaurant Logo & Sign

Monza Restuarant

Pieces of Flair Buttons

Carmela Logo

Detail - Carmela Jazz & Wine

Fraction House

Spiral sculpture


Greek Village Render

Feminilight I Series - Click thumb to open

Using HDRI technology for reflections

Appartment in Bolzano, Italy

Apartment concept sketch - rooms

Urban Sculpture - Camera match

Invalid School at Caravaggio, Milano - STL Model

Model - like render for an Invalid school @ Caravaggio, Provincia di Milano

Toy Train Render - detail

Darts 3D

Feminilight I Series - Click thumb to open

Eames Lounge & ottoman 3D

Backgammon 3D - DETAIL

Xmas balls HDRI experiment - Detail

Apartment in Merano (Bolzano) - Livingroom

Villa 23 - Polyhuose - a poligonal house concept

Verner Panton Tribute Render

Apartment in Bolzano - small bathroom

Wine bottle with procedural cork material - DETAIL

Technical 3D Illustrations of a utility power drill

Tsunami memorial competition, Oslo

Business cards Series

Tao Ran Logo Design

Sketch Pub and gallery Restaurant

Click on image to open the gallery

Photoshoot - One day in Berlin

Milano Shop Interior Design

Villa 31 - unifamiliar house

Cross Bar Stool Prototype

LOFT - Bar concept design

Office extention (penthouse) Via Arco Milano

Mien Van Der Rohe Barcelona Pavillion 3D - DETAIL

Villa 30 - concept

Maxwell Metal Materials Beta test

Alessi Juicy Salif by Philippe Starck 3D model (Download)

The Arne Jacobsen Model 3107 chair , 1955 (Download)

New style sitzmachine prototype


Kitchen design competition - foldable kitchen

Jo2012 Paris Olympic monument competition - city reflections

Krakow Biennale - A bridge-gallery over Wisla river

Leopard walkcycle

3D trumpt post production

Chess Design - The Knight

Sponza Atrium 3D

Sculpture 02

KMAR headquerter NPR - Biennale di venezia

Venus Bust

Virus web interface

Orbs @ la-défence, Paris

Promotional desktop walpapers - C.R.I.F.A. - Studesk 1 politecnico di Milano

swiss knife 3D - Maxwell bump test

A new dimension Story

Cannnnnon ball flash experiment

Flowering tree flash experiment

Bubble up flash experiment

Inserting a synthetic object into a natural scene - Reichstag offices

Le Corbusier LC02  1927  “The Cube collection”  (Download)

Wassily Chair (Club Armchair B3) 3D by Marcel Breuer (Download)

XRAY (microscope) shader for 3ds max - EXAMPLE

St. Tropez Chair by Riccardo Salvi (Download)

Greeble City - Greeble room

Desert Resort concept

Indigo Blu Interactive Multimedia Cd

Red & Blu Armchair Gerrit Thomas Rietveld (3D Download)

CDPAC - Documentation Centre for Architectural Projects of Catalonia


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