Indigo Blu Interactive Multimedia Cd

Indigo Blu Interactive Multimedia CdIndigo Blu Interactive Multimedia Cd - some framesIndigo Blu Interactive Multimedia Cd - some frames

In 2002 Calvin Klein and Gap had some joint venture to open a network of jeans product in europe.

It was called Indigo Blu. You can read more on THIS thread.

I was collaborating at the time with a studio of Architects , called A4A from Milano.

This is an interactive CD, to showcase the work, made in flash.

you can view the work HERE, but keep in mind it waas not ment for internet viewing.

So if you have a slow connection, it might “jump” or you might need to reload it to the cache.

You can download the full version HERE for better viewing in better quality (launch ib.exe or if you have flash, digo2.swf)

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