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Ok. so this is not exactly a normal webpage.

This is rich media webpage, so if you are a normal office user, you might have some trouble viewing it’s glory.

So if something does not seem to work right, something is missing, not working or in a strange color check the following list :

Don’t worry, even if you did not do all of the above, you could still browse my website.

**Just as a small example, if you are viewing this page in Internet Explorer, the Icons above will appear with a grey margin.
People who use other browsers, do not have this problem, so the page looks nicer. (it was never fixed since 1996!!)


Hi. My name is Kern S. and I am an Architect, Designer, Photographer, and CG artist.

In this page you will find some of my works, as well as downloadable stuff.

Contact me here: Contact Page

Visit me here also: www.magmalab.net
and here : Temporarily Offline

Problems? : visit the HELP page or Report.

Download info here: [::CV::] [::PORTFOLIO::]