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My life on the net is quite old and complex. Since 1995 I am leaving breadcrumbs all over .

You can Spy those traces , Learn about me or About the net itself.

messenger logo My MSN messenger profile is krembo99 (-at-) hot mail (-dot-) com

Skype Logo I rarely use it, but my Skype profile is this :

Audioscrubbler(last.FM) logo You can see my favorite music on since 2007 (previously audioscrubber since 2003!!)

Krembo99 @  Deviantart You can see my DeviantArt page.

Krembo99 Facebook profile This is my FACEBOOK profile (although I don’t really use it frequently)

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Hi. My name is Kern S. and I am an Architect, Designer, Photographer, and CG artist.

In this page you will find some of my works, as well as downloadable stuff.

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